Cartel 160 Mod

Refine your tastes

You better get with the revolution before it gets you. This mod is your ticket to the front row. Cartel 160 is more than a device, its a declaration of independence for whomever becomes its lucky owner. All pieces carry a remarkably different design thanks to the natural variations of the woods and resins used making them unique. You’ll be able to recognize YOUR Cartel 160 mod among a thousand. Let this be your invitation to the new order, check out this bad boy below.
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Premium chip-set for ultra-flexible need
UNIQUE ART only for you
More output modes (VW/VT/CCW/CCT/SMART/TCR/BYPASS)


  • Package contains one CARTEL MOD and one USB charging cable
  • Available in unique, individualized resin material colors
  • Product size is 92.5 x 51.2 x 26.2mm
  • Output of 5-160 watts
  • Resistance range of 0.05Ω to 5Ω
  • Temperature control range of 200-600°F (100-315°C)